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A refreshingly different approach to business advice  

I am your trusted business advisor. 


I will help you identify why your business is struggling, and work with you to put it back on track.  I will help you make your business more profitable, your employees happier, and meet the future’s challenges. 

Today, even the smallest businesses need to continually adapt, because the business environment is changing faster and you are affected by more things than ever before.  What today is only an idea, can become tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

I have an uncanny gift for intuition and an analytical mind that helps me turn isolated, anecdotal evidence into intelligent, practical advice. 

  • I know what makes businesses work

  • I know why they stop working

  • I know how to get them back on track, stronger than before.

I am not a run of the mill corporate management consultant: what I offer is unique, and the advice I give you will be unique to your business and situation.  I have been described as “business Marmite” because you will either want to work with me, or you will not. 

Based near Reading, I work predominantly in Berkshire and the surrounding counties working mainly with owner-managed and SME businesses. 

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