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As a trusted advisor, I reject the corporate approach of having one “best practices” model that every business should be squeezed into.  I’m young enough to remember trying to force a square peg through a round hole (with a plastic hammer), and guess what: it doesn’t work in business either!  I know the full range of business theories and models, and they are great ways to describe what is happening, but they certainly don’t tell you what you should do.

I believe in listening to people at all levels of your business, your suppliers, and customers if appropriate, then using the evidence and my knowledge to form conclusions with no preconceptions.  Yes, I have a brain, and I’m not afraid to use it!

As your trusted advisor, I will be your friendly ear to whom you can voice your concerns and doubts, but I will also give advice to help you achieve your goals.  I will never give you any nonsense, but nor will I take any: I’m here to help you, not to take the blame.  If you’re not open to new ideas and willing to respond to change, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

I have no preconceived plans, I will work with you to implement changes, and I will not try to upsell you: I am not just a way for a company to get its foot in the door!

Our work together will be based on mutual trust and respect.  Before we decide to work together, I offer a free two-hour session where we can explore your concerns, where your business has come from and where it is going.  I will not work with you unless I believe I can help you.  If we decide to work together, we will decide on a way forward, and identify solutions.  I will help you implement them, and be there if you need to correct course.

I can help you across your business, including:

  • Strategy

  • Sales and marketing

  • Finance

  • Supply chain and logistics

  • HR

  • Project management

  • Technology

  • Sustainability

  • Leadership

  • Recruitment

There are areas where you need a technical specialist, and I can help identify where these are.  If needed, I have the project management experience to advise on scoping projects, selecting suppliers, and managing the work.

Curious about your business: what to change, and what to keep

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