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Helping you get your business back on target

Tom competing at archey

I take a refreshingly different approach to business advice.  True, I have fewer years of experience than many consultants, but I consider that to be an advantage as I advise based on what I learn about you, rather than preconceived notions or plans.  I treat you and your business as unique and work with you to put plans into action. 

I don’t rely on theories and models, but I do have an extensive theoretical background to draw upon.  My Masters in Strategic Affairs (Distinction) taught me to think critically, and link detailed evidence to broader perspectives; while my MBA (Distinction) helped me hone the emotional intelligence to work with people from many different backgrounds, and identify a range of lenses through which to examine business issues.

I also have extensive hands-on management experience: having started in business development at CSC, I became marketing manager for Cloud Services when it was the new thing, then ran the UK new business function for Magic Software before becoming head of marketing at a London startup.  Following my MBA, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Finance and completed the CFAB qualification. 

My MBA gave me the confidence to start my own businesses: apart from business advisory services, I am writing history and business books, plus I own and manage a business designing and manufacturing scale model kits.

My interest in supporting local businesses was sparked at 15 on a school work experience week in an archery shop.  Following that week I predicted the future of archery shops, and today many of my predictions have become commonplace (although my recommendation of an in-house café remains ahead of the curve).  Through my MBA I had the opportunity to examine many businesses and to even work directly with some.  These included: adoption of Lean manufacture by a small archery manufacturer, employee engagement with a theatre company, community relations with an NGO in Cape Town, and a strategy review for a Reading technology company.

As well as business management experience and academic knowledge, I have competed at National level and above in Archery since 2002, and at 16 came close to Olympic qualification.  More recently I have competed in international Pro-Am events with both Recurve and Compound bow styles and despite having no coaching training, coached my partner to similar levels. 

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